Welcome to Clearwater Knits. We have completed moving the old patterns and tutorials from the old website.

A reader pointed out that the instructions on using the menu were confusing. My apologies to everyone. The theme for this blog is what is called “responsive”, and it contracts width wise to make it easier to read on smart phones and tablets. The normal menu buttons (Home, Blog, About, Contact, Info, Free Patterns, Tutorials, and Shop) don’t show up on smart phone screens. Instead, they are hidden in a red square at the top right; when you click that red square, the menu items open on the left side of the screen. If you do not have a red square in your window, then the menu buttons are displayed across the top of the page. Both menus contain exactly the same information; they are just displayed in different locations.

Click the desired menu button, then select from the drop-down list. Or select from the menu list at the left if using a smart phone. There are so many original free patterns that they need a separate page; this will open by clicking Free Patterns, then Archives. When the Archives page opens, scroll down and select the pattern of your choice.

Hope this cleared up the confusion. If not, please let me know.

Irene Woods