Welcome to Clearwater Knits

A lot has been going on this summer. As you may have noticed, there are quite a few new topics in the LK 150 Tutorial, and a new tutorial unit for buttonholes.

I started a new FaceBook group, Plastic Midgauge Knitting Machines, at the end of April. This group has many brand new machine knitters, and several were looking for instruction. There are a few excellent for-purchase classes and tutorials, but good free ones, designed especially for basic plastic bed knitting machines are hard to find.

In addition to all the new tutorials here (which include a lot of information that will be helpful to owners of other brands, too) I've been writing beginner lessons which are hosted on the Plastic Midgauge Knitting Machines FaceBook group. These include a lot of links to videos.

If you own any brand plastic bed machine, please consider joining us there. This is a specialized group. We only include plastic "hobby" knitters, since there are many other groups for metal bed machines. Also, we do not talk about looms or plastic circular machines. They are just too different. If you own, or are deciding if one of these might be for you, please go to Plastic Midgauge Knitting Machines and request to join. I think you will be pleased with what you find there.

Until next time
Irene Woods