Dolman Pullover Chart

This is the charted schematic for the Ladies Dolman pattern.

dolman pullover chart


As noted at the beginning of this tutorial, the shaping formula for this, and all my charted patterns, is given in stitches-rows-times, which is different from the Japanese charted patterns. It is the method most American designers use for charted pattens.

Please use the written instructions, found in the Free Patterns section for specific instructions. This is the way I charted the Ladies Dolman pattern. I always begin with this format, then convert to written patterns when publishing. However, when drafting patterns just for myself, I knit directly from this chart. I keep a clean sheet of paper handy, and make notes to myself while knitting, especially if the shaping is a little complicated

Japanese Pattern Charting

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Original version of this tutorial was copyrighted and uploaded to the old Clearwater Knits website in 1998.