Join Ribbed Button Bands

This technique is useful whenever joining a ribbed band to side edges, such as cardigan button bands, and V necks. Make the ribbing first, then knit 1 row stockinet. Remove on waste yarn.

Using this method avoids having to bind off at the end of the ribbing; many beginning knitters have a problem getting a neat, even edge, or have trouble getting a loose enough bind off. Making the ribbing first, then joining it to the front edge places the bind off next to the body. This also helps stabilize the center front. A backstitch bind off is recommend for beginners.

pick up side

Hang the garment edge, right side facing you, wrong side toward the machine, on the same number of needles as for the ribbing. See instructions on evenly picking up stiches from a side edge here.

join front bands

Fold down the waste yarn and pick up the main color stitches of the ribbing into the hooks of the appropriate needles.

push back

Push the working needles back, taking the ribbing stitches through the side edge of the fabric. 

single stitches


Just one stitch now remains in each hook.

bind off

Backstitch across to bind off the live stitches. You may use another bind off method, such as the stitch-through-stitch technique, but take care to have the final knit row very loose. A tight bind off makes the seam pucker, and is uncomfortable to wear.

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This tutorial was copyrighted and uploaded to the original Clearwater Knits website in 1997. This page was added July 29, 2016.