Mittens For Mid-Gauge Machines


Children's S-M-L, Teen, Ladies

MATERIALS REQUIRED: 1-2 skeins Bucilla Deluxe 4-ply Knitting Worsted wool yarn
GAUGE: 5 sts, 7 rows = 1",
TENSION:Approximately 5 on the LK 150. Make a swatch and check gauge. Adjust tension if necessary.
Since I prefer to felt or "full" the wool yarn so that it will be warmer and more water repellent, I machine wash and machine dry both the swatch and the finished mittens. Take the stitch and row count from the laundered swatch. After this first laundry, I then hand wash and dry flat to prevent further shrinkage.


CUFF. Bring 31 (33-37-39-41) needles, from 16 (17-19-20-22) L through 15 (16-18-19-21) R to pos D, then starting with 2nd WP needle, return EON to pos A. CO remaining 16 (17-19-20-21) needles. Set tension 1 full number tighter than main tension. NOTE: This is the one time I frequently knit the cuff at the same tension as the main fabric; I don't like tight mitten cuffs. Use your own preference. K 32 (32-36-36-40) rows. Hang hem from CO edge onto original needles, pulling the needles in NWP back into WP, and placing the hem sts on them. Dec 1 st on L side. 30 (32-36-38-40) sts. K even 12 (14-16-18-20)rows.

THUMB. CO 7 (7-7-8-8) sts at R side for thumb. Keep these new sts, plus 7 (7-7-8-8) sts immediately to left of them in WP. Place all remaining sts into HP. Set carriage to hold. Working on 14 (14-14-16-16) thumb sts only, K even 12 (13-14-16-18) rows. Transfer EOS to adjacent needle, K 1 row. Clip yarn, leaving a 10" tail for seaming. Thread tail into a tapestry needle, and take remaining thumb sts off with it. Gather tip and fasten, leaving seam open.

HAND. Turn thumb section down toward cuff, and fold in toward center. Pick up 7 (7-7-8-8) sts in thumb CO edge and hang back onto original needles. K even 16 (20-26-32-36) rows.

TIP. Place 15 (16-18--19-20) sts L of center 0 into HP and set machine to hold. Working on R side only, fully fashion dec with transfer tool, 1 st each side every 2 rows 4 (3-3-3-4) times, then 1 st each side every row 0 (2-3-4-4) times. Remove on WY. Knit other tip the same. Weave tip, sew thumb and side seam, work in ends. K other mitten to correspond, reversing all shaping.

midgauge Mitten


This pattern was uploaded to the original Clearwater Knits website and copyrighted in 1997