Moccasin Slippers


Complete Written Instructions for Child’s Shoe Size 10-12, With Chart for Other Sizes

MATERIALS REQUIRED: Knitting worsted weight yarn, 1-2 skeins
TENSION: Approximately 5-6 on LK 150 midgauge (T10, every other needle on standard gauge machines, or approximately 3-4 on chunky knitters.)

CO 27 sts. K 10 rows. Transfer EOS to adjacent needle, then return emptied needles to WP, forming a row of eyelets. K 10 rows. Hang hem. COR.
HEEL. Set carriage to hold. *Bring 1 needle out to HP next to carriage (automatic wrap), K 1 row. Repeat from * until 7 sts remain in center. Hand knit the first st next to the carriage, so that there are now 8 sts in WP. **Push 1 st back to UWP on side opposite carriage, K 1 row. Repeat from ** until all sts are back in WP. Use plenty of weight to prevent sts from popping off needles.

TOE. There are no K even rows for foot on this style; instead, immediately begin toe shaping. Dec as for heel until 5 sts remain, hand knit 1 st next to carriage, then inc until all sts are back in WP. Clip yarn leaving a 12″ tail. Thread tail into large yarn needle, and remove instep sts on it. Gather up tightly and fasten securely. Work in yarn ends.

Make a cord, about 12-15″ long, thread through casing. Trim ends of cord with small pompoms if desired

Other Sizes

other sizes


This pattern was written for machine knitting classes in 1979. Slippers were originally knitted using every other needle on a standard gauge knitting machine. It was inspired by Brother’s 7-minute slipper and included in the book, Knitting For Bazaars and Gifts, published in 1988. It was also included in LK 150 Classics, published in 1995, then uploaded to the original Clearwater Knits website as a free pattern in 1997.