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Archived Patterns From Old Website

This Archives page contains links to the information that was on the old Clearwater Knits website. Much of it is very old by internet standards, originally hand-coded in HTML 3 on the Geocities hosting platform. There were no photos in these patterns; the web was still primarily a text-based affair, and all graphics had to be optimized and reduced in size as much as possible, because most people, including me, were on telephone dial-up. This had improved by 2000, and photos were making their way onto web pages.

Digital photos were not very good back then,either; I still have one of the top-of-the-line Sony cameras that sold for a thousand (!!) dollars, and used a floppy disk for storage. I took a lot of photos with that camera, even some pattern photos. The standard gauge machine patterns for the Crop Top and Easy Camisole use photos from that camera. These were actually great-quality digital photos from that era. We’ve come a long way, baby!!

The patterns in this archive section run the full spectrum….from patterns written in the late 1970s and early 80s that have no illustrations at all (very common for the time) and were the first ones uploaded when the web was in its infancy, to patterns with hand-drawn graphics, to a few patterns with photos. The information in these old patterns is still useful, so I have moved them over to this new website. Hope you enjoy them. They should at least be good for a smile, remembering the web’s “good ole days”.