Stitch Through Stitch Bind Off

The stitch through stitch bind off method is another one of the easy methods we usually learn early in our knitting adventure. After you have knitted the last row in your pattern, turn the tension dial up at least 3 full numbers. Sometimes 4 works better. Knit 1 row and clip the yarn. The illustrations show the bind off being worked from left to right. It can also be worked from right to left. What is important is that you begin on the side of the bed opposite the yarn tail (you must have that yarn tail available to pull through the last stitch to fasten it)

stitch through stitch bind off 1

Step 1
Bring all working needles all the way forward to position D. Remove the end stitch into the hook of the latch tool

latch tooll bind off 2

Step 2
Push the latch tool all the way through the first stitch so that it goes back behind the latch. Take the emptied needle back to position A.


latch tooll bind off 3

Step 3
Insert the latch tool through the stitch on the next needle. It helps to pull down on the knitting to open up this stitch.

latch tooll bind off 4

Step 4
Making sure that the second stitch is caught securely in the hook of the latch tool, push the second needle back to position A, releasing that stitch into the hook of the latch tool. Now pull the second stitch through the first stitch (the one behind the latch.) Repeat steps 3 and 4 all the way across.

latch tooll bind off 5

Step 5
Catch the yarn tail into the hook of the latch tool, then pull it through the last stitch. All stitches are now bound off.

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This tutorial was copyrighted and uploaded to the original Clearwater Knits website in 1997. It was updated July 15, 2016.