Knit Contour

This tutorial will help you learn how to use the KR 6, KR 7 and KR 10/11 Knit Contour models. It is written specifically for Studio and Singer machines, but Brother/Knitking and Toyota owners may find some of the suggestions helpful.

In 1988 I wrote a book for Studio’s charting device, Making Friends With the Knit Contour. At that time there was nothing available specifically for the Knit Contour. Alles Hutchinson had written one earlier, which touched briefly on every charting device then on the market, but it did not include the newer Studio models. It also left out the in-depth instructions many new knitters need. As a Studio dealer I taught classes on all of the manual and electronic Studio ones, including classes at seminars, and this book was meant to be the back-up for those lessons. I received permission from Studio, when they were still headquartered in Seattle, to use the illustrations from their manuals, so am including them on this site also.


I have tried to make these instructions as clear as possible, but, if you need help please let me know. I also ask you to please not copy this tutorial for sale or profit. Many, many hours of work have gone into first writing the material, and then posting on this site. You may link to it from your own website, print it out for your own use, or even share with others. All I ask is that you do not claim this as your work; please include my copyright notice and name as the author.

I hope you find the information helpful.
Irene Woods


Knit Contour Tutorial Links

The individual chapters of this tutorial are listed below.

Knit Contour Index

Determining Gauge

Using Knit Contour Patterns

KR6 and KR7 Knit Contours

KR10 and KR11 Knit Contours

Reading Knit Contour Patterns

Drafting Knit Contour Patterns


This tutorial is from the book, Making Friends With the Knit Contour by Irene Woods, published in 1988, and uploaded to the original Clearwater Knits Website in 1998.